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The first 3 things to check before closing on your home

There are countless things to keep track of in every real estate transaction. The closing process alone, when there's no turning back on the transaction, will have a tremendous number of details that you need to get right. To get you started off on the right track when it comes to your real estate closing, here are three things you'll want to check:

With a flat economy, it's still possible to bring in an income

The economic recovery was a relief to many people in America. It meant there were more jobs and better home prices. Their properties began to improve in value, helping many sell for more than their mortgages, so they could move on to new ventures.

Should you get a home inspection?

When you're looking into buying a home, one thing you want to do is get a home inspection. While you aren't required by law to have an inspection performed, it's one of the best things you can do to protect yourself. If you buy a home without an inspection, there could be any number of things wrong with the property that you don't know about until it's too late.

Environmental risks could impact your real estate transaction

Environmental issues can play a role in real estate transactions. Take for instance the likelihood of a flood in an area; a flood that enters a home could cause water damage and make its value plummet. Even worse, it could mean fewer people want to buy the property.

Minnesota commissioner wants to see improvement to infrastructure

No matter how good commercial buildings look on the inside or from the outside, you still need a community or consumer to see the building before you'll obtain clients. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Transportation Commissioner could help increase the value of commercial real estate by encouraging improvements needed to the state's highways. Keeping up with these improvements gets more people into the areas where commercial businesses are located.

Boundary disputes threaten your property

Boundary disputes are one issue you could come across when you have neighbors. Sometimes, it's hard to know where a boundary is. Other times, neighbors may begin to take advantage of a parcel of land, slowly taking over what should be yours.