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3 tips for selling commercial properties

If you plan to sell commercial real estate that you've purchased, there are a few tips that can help you. It's not always easy to sell a commercial property, but in the right market and at the right price, it's possible to sell even the worst property you own.

Is commercial property a good investment?

When you are deciding if you want to invest in commercial real estate, it is a good idea to look at the negatives as well as the positives of doing so. With commercial real estate, there is a chance that you could have a high return. Like with all real estate, renting out the property could mean obtaining returns and an income immediately.

3 tips for getting the right commercial property

Commercial real estate can give you a great option for investing in a stable financial future. You may choose to purchase a factory, shopping mall or other commercial property, all of which can then be rented or eventually sold for a profit.

Minnesota won't change taxes to match federal guidelines

You may have heard, if you're interested in commercial real estate, that the omnibus tax bill was vetoed in a recent session. The Minnesota Legislature did enact a number of property-related laws, but the bill that could have impacted commercial property owners was vetoed. The omnibus tax bill would have made the state's income tax arrangement fall in line with the federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017, but it would have eliminated Minnesota's current addback and subtractions.

Commercial interest: Watching interest rates

There are many things you should do if you plan to make a real estate purchase, but one of the most important is to monitor the real estate trends for the type of property you wish to purchase. If you're interested in buying commercial property, then it's a good idea to know the current interest rates within the sector you're interested in. Right now, the commercial rates are good, and the reality is that they're likely to stay stable in the future. That's great news if you plan to buy or sell in the future, since buyers will have an easier time obtaining a mortgage.

Can you open a business anywhere?

Commercial zoning is an important factor that should play a role in your real estate purchase or rental. Zoning regulations help keep commerce in certain parts of a town or city while also keeping residential areas separated or limited in busy areas. There are many kinds of zoning, and the kind of zoning a property has could affect what you can do there.

Get the right commercial lease to help your business grow

You want to open your business, but before you do, you need to find a commercial property that suits your needs. You don't want to go over budget with the cost of the facility, but you also don't want to lower your expectations. You need the price to match your needs, or else you worry that your business won't be able to grow or succeed.

Keep your goals in mind when you purchase commercial real estate

When you want to jump into the commercial real-estate market, it's time to get to know the market as well as possible. You need to understand how properties are priced, the local economy and the best ways to obtain the largest payoffs from your purchases.