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Buying recreational land: A different type of transaction

Before you buy a recreational property, there are some things you should think about. For instance, the location of the recreational property is very important. Why? You want a property that has a good location. Recreational real estate may have unusual factors that play into its worth including utility access, the quality of its roads or pathways and local attractions.

These alternatives to foreclosure could help your debt concerns

You never thought you'd be in the position where you could lose your home due to missing payments, but you are. Now, you're not sure what to do. You're beginning to think that you should just allow your home to go into foreclosure, because that would be easier.

Should you work with an attorney when you're in business?

You may not be sure why you would need to work with an attorney when you want to buy or sell a business, but there are several reasons why. It is important to do so, because an attorney knows the ins and outs of exchanging businesses and property by law.

Zoning regulations a problem for some Minnesotan developers

Minnesota has many zoning regulations, but one that has perhaps outlived its stay is called planned unit development or PUD. PUDs are areas in a city that are saved for special projects that the city decides it wants to have. Cities can designate areas for PUDs, which helps projects like the soon-to-be Market Street redevelopment take place.

These terms come up often during real estate transactions

There are many different real estate terms you should know if you're interested in buying or selling property. Understanding these terms can keep you in the loop and make sure you understand everything that you're being told. A little education in these terms goes a long way in helping you move forward with your transaction.

You may be able to obtain property through adverse possession

If there is a property you've always wanted but have noticed it has been abandoned for some time, there may still be a chance you can obtain it. While a typical real estate transaction would require you to find the owner and make an offer on the property, laws of adverse possession may help you obtain the property without having to locate the owner.

Why should you work with a real estate attorney?

You may not understand why you need a lawyer when you decide you want to buy a home, but there are several good reasons. While the home-buying process seems relatively straightforward, it's not as simple as you think. There are contracts to sign and negotiations to make, all of which your attorney can help you with.

Minnesota residents, business owners face expensive toxin crisis

Property owners in Minnesota may be having problems transferring their homes to new owners in the future thanks to a new set of rules that requires them to test for chemical vapors before the homes can be transferred. A Feb. 25 news report indicated that the vapors are now rising out of the soil throughout Minnesota due to pollution from decades ago. They are being produced by industrial solvents.

Purchasing a timeshare: What you should know

A timeshare is an interesting real estate investment that you might be considering. Before you make the purchase, there are some things you should know about timeshares. These sometimes have problems like difficulties when you want to resell the property or higher-than-expected costs associated with maintenance fees and property taxes.