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Long Term Care Planning Archives

Putting together the long-term care puzzle

When St. Paul residents face difficult issues in their life, there may be multiple ways to deal with the issue. The individual first needs to know what these options are, however, before being able to decide which option is best to solve the problem. Often times, the options are also influenced by other factors in the person's life, as there may be different ways of dealing with the issue at different times.

It is never too late to begin planning for long-term care

Many St. Paul residents are well-intentioned when it comes to making plans for the future. At the same time, it can be difficult to set aside the time necessary to make these plans. Soon enough, individuals can find themselves in a situation where the lack of plans may put them in a bad place.

What rights does a person have under a guardianship?

Most St. Paul residents place a high value on their freedom and ability to make important decisions regarding their life. With this in mind, it can be a scary prospect to think of someone else making those decisions on one's behalf. This is exactly what happens when a guardianship arrangement is established.

Minnesota residents: have you thought of long term care planning?

No Minnesota resident knows exactly what the future might hold for them and their loved ones. While there can be many exciting opportunities yet to come, there can also be challenges and risks that may present themselves over time. Accordingly, it is essential for individuals to be prepared for these risks and plan as best they can.

Navigating through the court system when elder care is needed

Minnesota courts often have a great deal of discretion and power when it comes to making important decisions that impact the lives of St. Paul residents. At the same time, the factors that courts consider in making decisions are usually known by the parties in the case, and the parties have the ability to present evidence and make their arguments to the court as to why the judge should rule one way or another.

How does a court decide who will serve as a guardian?

When it comes to estate planning, St. Paul residents have a lot of control in setting forth their wishes. However, it's also important to understand Minnesota's statutes when it comes to different areas, in order to know how courts will approach a particular issue.

What powers and duties does a guardian have in Minnesota?

There are certain topics that can be uncomfortable to approach for St. Paul residents. Long term care planning often deals with several of these issues, including death and incapacity, which may not be too pleasant to think about, but which are vital to consider in order for a person's wishes to be respected and protected in the future.

St. Paul residents: act now to protect your assets in the future

Many St. Paul residents work very hard for their entire life to provide for their families. It can take decades of work to build a person's wealth and achieve a certain standard of living. Unfortunately, without proper planning, the assets a person has accumulated over these decades can disappear quickly when individuals do not cover the rising costs of long-term care.

Minnesota residents: will you qualify for Medicaid?

Minnesota residents do their best to plan for the future and save for retirement. Yet, individuals must often rely on government-funded programs in order to cover the ever-growing costs of long-term care.

Minnesota residents: do not forget the lake cabin after summer

Another summer has come to an end for St. Paul residents. For many, this means the lake cabin has now been closed up for the year, after another fun-filled season that seems to always go by too quickly.