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Growing your business: 3 important steps

As your business becomes more popular and gains more customers, you may want to begin planning expansions and ways to grow. There are several steps to growing your business in a safe manner. If you grow too quickly, you risk investing more than you can make back and may end up in bankruptcy or shutting down completely.

Buying out a partner? Don't make these mistakes

If you run a business, one of the things you might be interested in doing is buying out your partner. Maybe the partner isn't interested in continuing on, or you would prefer to take over as the sole owner. Either way, you'll need to look into buying out your partner.

Start your business right with these first 2 steps

Forming a business may have been a dream for you since you were young, and it's important that you get the start you need to get your business moving and growing. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) loves to see entrepreneurs start their businesses and it published 10 steps to start your business the right way.

Buying out a company: What you should consider

If you're in the position to buy out a company, you probably want to make sure you make the right decision on which company you purchase and why. For most people, the answer is as simple as choosing the company that is in competition with them, so they can eliminate a competitor. For others, the goal is to purchase a particular building or to merge products by absorbing the company into their own.

Starting a business with friends: 3 tips to remember

Everyone who enters into the business world has the potential to do so with friends, family or strangers. Maybe you've found that you and your friends get along so well that you can't imagine opening a business without them. Stop and think before you do; sometimes, mixing business and friendship isn't a good idea.

The right type of business matters in the long term

If you're opening a business, one of the most important things you can do is to pick the right business structure. You want to protect yourself and have the right set up to raise money for your business. The kind of business you register as also affects how much you'll have to pay in taxes and the amount of documentation you'll need to complete annually.

Building a business plan: Include your objectives

Before you open a business, you first have to think about what you want your business to be and how you're going to grow it according to your vision for an end product. For instance, if you want to open a day care, you need to think about a name, how you'll market yourself, how much money you need, the licensing you need and other factors before you can ever put your plan into action.

Here's what you need to include in your business plan

If you're planning to start a new business, the first thing you have to do is to develop a business plan. Every plan has several things that should be included, like your executive summary and a description of your business.

Choosing the right legal structure matters in business

There are five kinds of businesses you may decide to open. The legal structures are partnerships, sole proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies, corporations and nonprofits. Depending on how many people you plan to work with, the goals of your company and the kinds of protections you want, one of these legal structures may be better for you than the others.