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Former CEO returns to Twitter

Next to speculation over what is going on in some Hollywood marriages, watching and speculating on the outcome of the shakeouts of major corporations' boards and their upper management makes great sport. Who is up, who is down, who is in and who is out can be amusing and sometimes instructive.

What form should your business take?

The excitement of turning your dream of a business into a reality is tremendous. You are your own boss, and you get to make all of the decisions, large and small. At times, during the start of phase of a business, the sheer number of decisions may seem overwhelming.

Do you need help with compliance and formation issues?

When you start your business, you have a great many things to deal with, from choosing the legal form of your business, such as limited liability company (LLC), partnership or traditional corporation, to purchasing or leasing commercial real estate and dealing with various legal compliance issues.