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February 2014 Archives

St. Paul residents: have you planned for long-term care?

It is not the most pleasant of thoughts for St. Paul residents to think about how their elder years will be lived out in the event they need to depend on others for assistance. Most individuals enjoy their independence, and it can be frightening to think of what life would be like without this freedom.

St. Paul residents should make long-term plans for their children

There is nothing more important to many St. Paul residents than their children. Because they value their family, individuals work hard to provide a loving home and the support their children need.

Actor Walker's daughter sole beneficiary of his estate plan

Tragedy can strike at any time for St. Paul residents and their families. Car accidents, medical problems and other issues can seemingly arise out of nowhere and change the lives of individuals and their families forever.

Have St. Paul residents planned for long term care?

While every Minnesota resident hopes for the best, nobody can predict the future. Unfortunate events occur from time to time, with little or no advance warning. While it may not be possible to avoid these incidents, a little bit of planning can go a long way toward dealing with these incidents when they happen.