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October 2013 Archives

Executor of estate responsible for many duties

Estate plans often include specific details about a person's estate, including their wishes about what should happen to their property and assets. While many estate planning discussions are about what to include in your estate plan, it is also equally important for individuals named as executors of an estate plan to understand their responsibilities and what is expected of them.

Estate Planning Week highlights importance of estate planning

This week is National Estate Planning Week so we feel this is the perfect time to discuss the benefits of having an estate plan. Many people do not like to think about their death and what they want to happen to their possessions. However, dying without an estate plan can lead to frustrating arguments and additional costs for your loved ones after you pass away. 

Is Your Startup Named Right? - Forbes

Most people would likely agree names are an important aspect of starting a business, but it is something you should invest in right away?  Some business or name consultants charge anywhere from one thousand dollars to ten thousand dollars to assist with developing a name. According to one entreprenuer in this Forbes article, his priorities are developing the product, then creating cost-effective pricing; and finally finding effective branding through name deveopment. Seems to be a sensible approach.