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Find the right investors for your new business

Recently in our blog, we featured a post discussing how to acquire venture capital for new Minnesota businesses. We wanted to take this opportunity to talk further on this subject, particularly on how you can make certain you find the right investor or investors for a startup. As you may already know, this is a critical step for those in the midst of business formation and planning.

It may not seem difficult to find investors. You simply look for those with funds and the desire to invest those funds, right? Not really. It is actually much more complicated than that. For one thing, potential investors are not very likely to hand over money without some form of persuasion. Secondly, potential investors are more likely to put their money into projects that they understand.

Fortunately, there are ways to find the right people to invest in your new company. A great tip is to speak with a legal professional experienced in business formation and planning. He or she can guide you towards the right investors while steering you away from those who may not be qualified or prepared to put their trust in your ideas.

According to, good investors share three characteristics. These are:

  • Experience with the unique demands and challenges associated with new and growing companies
  • Thorough knowledge and/or interest in the type of business or industry you wish to build
  • The desire and the ability to help you grow your new endeavor and make it as successful as possible

As always, we encourage our readers to continue exploring these and other business formation and planning topics on our website and in our blog. You are also welcome to contact a member of our staff to schedule a personalized consultation.

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