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What are some good tips for terminating employees?

Those who live and work in the state of Minnesota know more about their employee rights than ever before. Such awareness is a great thing, but it can lead to employment disputes if business owners do not also understand the rights of workers. For example, even when you have a good reason to terminate an employee, you must be careful not to violate their rights when doing so.

If you have an attorney experienced with the state's business and commercial law, you can ask your lawyer for advice about firing workers. This protects you from litigation a fired worker may pursue such as a wrongful termination or discrimination lawsuit. The following tips can also help you terminate a worker legally and with respect.

  • Never terminate a worker based solely on his or her religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or disability status.
  • Avoid firing an employee on the spot. Instead, consider the situation carefully and then arrange to meet with the worker in private.
  • Make sure you bring documentation to your meeting that shows why the termination is necessary. Examples include employee evaluation reports and any warnings already given to a worker.
  • Avoid discussing the employee with or in front of other workers. This tip applies before, during and after the termination.
  • Keep the conversation honest, short and respectful when firing workers. This helps them maintain their dignity during a painful experience.
  • Before the worker leaves the premises, be sure to collect any company property from the employee.

Managing and terminating your workers is a complex area of business and commercial law. However, by learning as much as possible about employment law, you can make these experiences relatively smooth. As always, a skilled business and commercial law attorney can help.

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