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Are there any benefits to leasing commercial real estate?

Each day, entrepreneurs and business owners based in Minnesota must make many decisions. Some of these are routine and do not require deep consideration. Others are far more important with many thousands of dollars or more at stake. Acquiring commercial real estate is one such decision that can impact your bottom line.

Under the practiced guidance of a business law attorney, you can make decisions regarding the acquisition of commercial real estate with confidence. Your lawyer can offer sound advice about many aspects of the transaction including:

  • The potential return on your investment
  • City, state and federal regulations affecting the property
  • Zoning laws that may present obstacles

Those who are new to the commercial business world often choose to lease commercial real estate instead of making a purchase. There are several benefits of taking such an approach.

  • If you decide to relocate your business in the future, your ties to leased property are easier to dissolve.
  • The initial financial requirements to lease property are typically much less than purchasing such a property.
  • In most scenarios, there are tax advantages of leasing as opposed to buying. For example, you can deduct many of the expenses associated with leasing.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to leasing commercial property. A brief outline of these cons includes lack of control over the property, zero potential for investment and higher overall monthly expenses.

By comparing the pros and cons of leasing commercial real estate, you are equipped to make the best decision. At the same time, it is also wise to seek legal advice about any large financial transactions you plan to make as a business owner.

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