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April 2019 Archives

What are the different mortgage options in Minnesota?

Purchasing a home is a very complicated and stressful undertaking. The decisions you make during this process will play a role in your life for years to come. As you might expect, this makes it critical to understand the different mortgage options available to you.

When making a purchase offer, what are some mistakes to avoid?

Real estate transactions come with an overabundance of pitfalls for inexperienced and even seasoned buyers. Even the smallest mistake could cost buyers many thousands of dollars. However, knowledge combined with patience can help buyers in Minnesota overcome the pitfalls and avoid costly mistakes.

Are there any benefits to leasing commercial real estate?

Each day, entrepreneurs and business owners based in Minnesota must make many decisions. Some of these are routine and do not require deep consideration. Others are far more important with many thousands of dollars or more at stake. Acquiring commercial real estate is one such decision that can impact your bottom line.

What are some good tips for terminating employees?

Those who live and work in the state of Minnesota know more about their employee rights than ever before. Such awareness is a great thing, but it can lead to employment disputes if business owners do not also understand the rights of workers. For example, even when you have a good reason to terminate an employee, you must be careful not to violate their rights when doing so.