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What legal issues might new businesses face?

Becoming a business owner is the dream of many Minnesota residents. However, without proper business formation and planning practices, there is a real chance that entrepreneurs might fail in their efforts. Looking at the legal landscape is a large part of good business planning, but it is difficult for some to see past their dreams of entrepreneurial success.

Of course, it is not possible to foresee each legal hurdle that might have a negative effect on a new business. Every new venture is unique and will probably come with its own set of obstacles. When left unaddressed, these issues can slow the growth of a new business or put it to a complete stop.

You can avoid some of these potential obstacles by working with a business formation and planning attorney who can help you address legal problems before they occur. It is also a good idea to explore these issues on your own as well.

Some common legal issues that can plague new startups include the failure to:

  • Comply with government and regulatory laws
  • Treat employees fairly (e.g. wrongfully terminating a worker)
  • Address discrimination and harassment
  • Take steps limiting your personal liability
  • Protect your brand and your intellectual property
  • Build a legal team that will protect your interests

Thoughtful business formation and planning can go a long way in helping ensure that your startup has the best chance of succeeding. Do not be afraid to seek legal advice on issues that might derail your startup attempts. When you have a plan to address any legal hurdles that may arise, you can be free to focus on the success of your business.

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