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Construction defects may complicate real estate transactions

Regardless of what type of real estate transactions you are pursuing in Minnesota (buying a home, selling a property, building a home, etc.), you want everything to proceed as smoothly as possible. However, many new homeowners or those seeking to buy real estate fail to take the possibility of construction defects into account. A serious defect in the construction of a building can reduce the value of your property and may even pose safety hazards.

These defects typically plague people who are building a new home or business structure. They can range in severity from a simple crooked window to a serious fault in the structure's foundation. In the simplest terms possible, you can take one of two approaches when a defect complicates your real estate transactions. You can ignore the problem or you can seek a legal solution by speaking with an attorney.

To show you how serious these flaws can be, below is a short list of common construction defects.

  • Structural integrity defects such as unstable foundations may make your property unsafe for living or working.
  • Construction defects that allow water to intrude upon your property's foundation and structures can result in toxic mold as well as additional damage.
  • Defects in your home or building's electrical system could lead to devastating fires.
  • Faults in the placement of doors or windows could lead to unnecessary condensation, which could damage your property and increase the risk of mold.

When you engage in real estate transactions, the law can protect you from shoddy workmanship and other types of construction defects. Consider taking your structural issues to a real estate lawyer to learn how to overcome these matters as cleanly as possible.

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