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Who is Ginnie Mae?

You've probably heard the word "Ginnie Mae" before in the context of government-assisted affordable housing. You might have even thought "Ginnie" was a real person. In fact, it's an organization that seeks to create affordable housing for millions of Americans who are low- to moderate-income earners. The federal agency works to divert global financial capital toward the housing and real estate markets in the United States.

The Ginnie Mae guaranty permits mortgage lenders to get better prices for mortgage loans on the secondary market. Lenders can then take the proceeds they earn and redirect it toward new mortgages, making the entire process of getting approved for a mortgage easier for individuals who want to purchase a home throughout the United States. Basically, the services offered by Ginnie Mae let lenders sell the mortgages they have in their portfolios to investors, which frees up capital so they can make new loans more quickly.

On the Ginnie Mae website, the organization proudly proclaims that -- unlike other lenders -- it's never required any kind of bailout from the federal government. Ginnie Mae secures the principal and interest payments related to federally insured loans.

Sometimes businesses, borrowers and lenders need help dealing with Ginnie Mae from a legal perspective. If you're having any kind of difficulty navigating the complexities of Ginnie Mae, the services it offers -- or if you need help slicing through any kind of legal red tape associated with this federal entity -- our law firm is available to help. Our team of highly qualified legal professionals will answer any questions you have about real estate laws as they apply to Ginnie Mae while advising you of your options.

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