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November 2018 Archives

The first 3 things to check before closing on your home

There are countless things to keep track of in every real estate transaction. The closing process alone, when there's no turning back on the transaction, will have a tremendous number of details that you need to get right. To get you started off on the right track when it comes to your real estate closing, here are three things you'll want to check:

Who is Ginnie Mae?

You've probably heard the word "Ginnie Mae" before in the context of government-assisted affordable housing. You might have even thought "Ginnie" was a real person. In fact, it's an organization that seeks to create affordable housing for millions of Americans who are low- to moderate-income earners. The federal agency works to divert global financial capital toward the housing and real estate markets in the United States.

Get to know your mortgage before you buy

Understanding a mortgage is as important as the mortgage you end up getting. A mortgage is simply a debt instrument, but there are various kinds. Mortgages are loans used for properties, and they must be paid back according to the terms of the mortgage's preset agreement.

With a flat economy, it's still possible to bring in an income

The economic recovery was a relief to many people in America. It meant there were more jobs and better home prices. Their properties began to improve in value, helping many sell for more than their mortgages, so they could move on to new ventures.

3 tips for selling commercial properties

If you plan to sell commercial real estate that you've purchased, there are a few tips that can help you. It's not always easy to sell a commercial property, but in the right market and at the right price, it's possible to sell even the worst property you own.