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Understanding the home-buying process

Buying a house in Minnesota may be your dream. It's a major step when you purchase your first property. However, there are many things you need to know about the home-buying process before you begin.

In Minnesota, a closing agent is used. That means that you'll work with a representative of the title company or your own real-estate attorney. You'll be able to close the purchase of the property alongside the seller but keep in mind that sellers might have the option to continue listing the home while awaiting the completion of contingency agreements, like inspections.

How does the home-buying process work in Minnesota?

To start with, an offer is made by the potential buyer. You then submit it to the seller. If accepted, the seller signs a contract with you. Earnest money is then paid and placed in escrow.

The contract then moves on to an attorney or title company. A title search is required, and then the title will begin transferring to the new owner. Do the title search early on, because finding liens or assessments could put a stop to a transaction immediately.

You will also need to sign off on disclosure statements. Essentially, disclose statements point out any major flaws on the property that the seller already knew about. It's at this point that you can have an inspection if you wish. Normally, if the inspection is poor, the seller can opt to fix the property or let the buyer out of the contract. This varies based on the type of original contract you sign.

This is just the beginning of the home-buying process, and it's quite complicated. Your real-estate attorney must stay apprised at all times to protect your interests.

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