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What are deceptive trade practices in business law?

If you're in business, one thing you may be interested in knowing more about is what a deceptive trade practice is. Deceptive trade practices are activities by businesses or individuals that mislead the public or consumers. This action misleads them in a way that encourages them to buy a product that then does not do what it's intended to do.

The most common type of deceptive trade practice that most people know about is false advertising. You've probably seen businesses say that their vitamins or new products can cure disease or illnesses, help provide people with more energy or even help them complete tasks more easily than they could before. The reality is that most of these claims are false, or else more people would be thrilled about the products. These false claims hinder consumers by asking them to purchase things that do not do what they're supposed to do.

What are deceptive trade practice examples?

Here are a couple examples that can help you recognize these practices. For instance, falsely representing the source of a product could be one deceptive practice. Another could be falsely stating that a consumer needs repairs or replacements more regularly than is necessary. Changing an odometer to reduce the total number of miles is deceptive, as it selling counterfeited goods.

How can you avoid deceptive practices?

Always be clear about what your products can do and don't overpromise results. It's in your best interests to look into your rights if you're accused of using deceptive practices or if you have them used against you.

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