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June 2018 Archives

Buying out a company: What you should consider

If you're in the position to buy out a company, you probably want to make sure you make the right decision on which company you purchase and why. For most people, the answer is as simple as choosing the company that is in competition with them, so they can eliminate a competitor. For others, the goal is to purchase a particular building or to merge products by absorbing the company into their own.

What are deceptive trade practices in business law?

If you're in business, one thing you may be interested in knowing more about is what a deceptive trade practice is. Deceptive trade practices are activities by businesses or individuals that mislead the public or consumers. This action misleads them in a way that encourages them to buy a product that then does not do what it's intended to do.

Mortgage rates increase in mid-June

If you've become interested in purchasing real estate, now may not be the time due to rising mortgage rates. For several weeks, mortgage rates dropped, making it a good time to buy, but now, as of June 14, those rates are on the rise again. That means that you'll be more likely to spend greater amounts for less house.

Should you get a home inspection?

When you're looking into buying a home, one thing you want to do is get a home inspection. While you aren't required by law to have an inspection performed, it's one of the best things you can do to protect yourself. If you buy a home without an inspection, there could be any number of things wrong with the property that you don't know about until it's too late.

Commercial interest: Watching interest rates

There are many things you should do if you plan to make a real estate purchase, but one of the most important is to monitor the real estate trends for the type of property you wish to purchase. If you're interested in buying commercial property, then it's a good idea to know the current interest rates within the sector you're interested in. Right now, the commercial rates are good, and the reality is that they're likely to stay stable in the future. That's great news if you plan to buy or sell in the future, since buyers will have an easier time obtaining a mortgage.