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Why hire a commercial lawyer?

Commercial law is regulated, on the whole, by the Uniform Commercial Code, also known as the UCC. The UCC is a set of laws that dictate secured transactions, leases of goods, negotiable instruments and the sale of goods. Without the UCC, there would be little standardization for commerce throughout the United States.

The UCC is not implemented in the same way everywhere, even though it provides solid guidelines for application. Every state is allowed to implement the UCC in different ways, adjusting it to meet the needs of commercial businesses within its boundaries. For this reason, it's a good idea to know the laws in each and every state where you run businesses and to work with professionals familiar with those differences in law.

Should businesses hire commercial attorneys?

Usually, it's a good idea for businesses to have a relationship with a qualified commercial or business lawyer. Why? There are likely to be issues, at some point, that require contracts, defense in court or other legal help. It's normal for people to turn to attorneys after they know there is a problem, but by working with one early, businesses can completely avoid many of the pitfalls they have to deal with when they don't.

With contracts, sales and liability all posing potential legal problems, it's always a good idea to know the laws and how they affect your business. Your attorney can keep you informed about changes in the law and discuss how you can best approach situations that could affect your business legally as they come up. With good help, you'll always have someone on your side.

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