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May 2018 Archives

Environmental risks could impact your real estate transaction

Environmental issues can play a role in real estate transactions. Take for instance the likelihood of a flood in an area; a flood that enters a home could cause water damage and make its value plummet. Even worse, it could mean fewer people want to buy the property.

What should you ask when shopping for a mortgage?

You're tired of paying high rent for an apartment in your city, and it's your goal to move into a home that you can fix up to meet your needs. You know that you'll need to get a mortgage to be able to afford it, but do you know the questions you should be asking when you shop for a loan?

Starting a business with friends: 3 tips to remember

Everyone who enters into the business world has the potential to do so with friends, family or strangers. Maybe you've found that you and your friends get along so well that you can't imagine opening a business without them. Stop and think before you do; sometimes, mixing business and friendship isn't a good idea.

Why hire a commercial lawyer?

Commercial law is regulated, on the whole, by the Uniform Commercial Code, also known as the UCC. The UCC is a set of laws that dictate secured transactions, leases of goods, negotiable instruments and the sale of goods. Without the UCC, there would be little standardization for commerce throughout the United States.