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Minnesota commissioner wants to see improvement to infrastructure

No matter how good commercial buildings look on the inside or from the outside, you still need a community or consumer to see the building before you'll obtain clients. In Minnesota, the Minnesota Transportation Commissioner could help increase the value of commercial real estate by encouraging improvements needed to the state's highways. Keeping up with these improvements gets more people into the areas where commercial businesses are located.

Improving the state's public transportation systems, roadways and highways helps bring investment into the state. Minnesota is already a high-tax state, but with a high-quality infrastructure, it could still pull in plenty of businesses. The commissioner hopes that keeping the roads and public transportation systems in great condition will encourage continued growth.

The commissioner is also encouraging the Minnesota Department of Transportation to welcome new forms of transportation like using autonomous vehicles and encouraging ride-share services. When these kinds of services are widely available, people travel and spend, more freely.

People are willing to invest in Minnesota if there's a chance to see a real payoff from that investment. By creating a growing infrastructure with high-quality roads and transportation options, that's possible. It would also make it easier for people to get to work, school and other activities, increasing the number of people coming to busy commercial areas on a regular basis.

Minnesota is changing, and it looks like it's for the better. Now may be a good time to invest into the area, especially in the capitol. With some preparations and patience finding a good piece of real estate, people who invest now could see a major return in the future.

Source: Finance & Commerce, "How MnDOT could help commercial real estate," Matt M. Johnson, Feb. 01, 2018

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