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Boundary disputes threaten your property

Boundary disputes are one issue you could come across when you have neighbors. Sometimes, it's hard to know where a boundary is. Other times, neighbors may begin to take advantage of a parcel of land, slowly taking over what should be yours.

It's impossible to prevent all boundary-related issues, but with the right information, you can enforce your right to the land around your property. One good way to do this is by obtaining a property survey. A property survey details the property lines, so you can also show your neighbor where your land starts and ends. In older deeds, the boundaries may not be particularly clear, so a new property survey could help your case if you end up needing to go to court.

Another thing to consider having is a quiet title lawsuit. If a survey won't resolve your dispute, a judge can determine the boundary lines of your property. Most people try to avoid doing this since it's more costly than a survey or coming to an agreement in other ways.

No matter what you decide to do, it's a good idea to make sure you know how the law applies to your case. If the other party has more evidence than you or can prove that they're in the right, you could lose out on some of your property. It is important to be proactive, so you know what to expect when or if you go to court. Our website has more on how you can protect your property during or after real estate transactions in your area.

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