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November 2017 Archives

Fiduciary duties: Entrusting others who let you down

A breach of fiduciary duty can put you in a difficult spot. When you entrust someone with your money or assets, you trust that the individual will take care of those assets. You trust that he or she won't take risks or misuse what you've invested or put in his or her care. Unfortunately, some people do breach their duties.

Keep your goals in mind when you purchase commercial real estate

When you want to jump into the commercial real-estate market, it's time to get to know the market as well as possible. You need to understand how properties are priced, the local economy and the best ways to obtain the largest payoffs from your purchases.

Buying recreational land: A different type of transaction

Before you buy a recreational property, there are some things you should think about. For instance, the location of the recreational property is very important. Why? You want a property that has a good location. Recreational real estate may have unusual factors that play into its worth including utility access, the quality of its roads or pathways and local attractions.

Do you have to sign a mortgage if you don't like the terms?

You waited to find the perfect home, and you already had a preapproval letter for a mortgage. You thought everything was going to go smoothly, but when you read the fine print of the mortgage, you started to feel uneasy. There were terms in it that you didn't quite understand, and you weren't pleased with changes to some terms you expected when speaking to someone previously.