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With the right help, you can protect your interests while leasing

Before you sign a commercial lease, you need to understand what you're agreeing to. Not being completely certain of an agreement can end up causing you trouble later on. So, what can you do to prevent problems that you may not foresee at the moment?

Start by checking the terms of the commercial lease. Don't just browse the lease, actually take a good look at it and read it over a few times. Don't assume the landlord has everything right in the lease, because there could be errors. Know how you can terminate your lease and know what you're required to do to avoid breaking the lease.

Next, think about negotiating. If you didn't negotiate, don't sign the lease until you talk about negotiating with the landlord. Many landlords are willing to come down in price for longer rental periods or if you present a good reason to do so. It's worth trying to get a lower rate, and if you can't, at least you know that you tried.

Make sure you're aware of any expenditures you may have to make to update or repair the property ahead of time. Does the landlord require you to fix the air conditioning, roof or other parts of the property while you're leasing it? Be clear about what's expected.

Our website has more information about commercial leasing and what you can do to protect yourself and your business. A good lease can make a major difference in your bottom line, so it's vital that you take signing a lease seriously when you do.

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