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July 2017 Archives

Should you work with an attorney when you're in business?

You may not be sure why you would need to work with an attorney when you want to buy or sell a business, but there are several reasons why. It is important to do so, because an attorney knows the ins and outs of exchanging businesses and property by law.

New law allows for private stock sale to consumers in Minnesota

A new rule in Minnesota allows small businesses to sell stock to the general public, not just large investors. As a person considering building your business, is this something worth your time and effort?

Zoning regulations a problem for some Minnesotan developers

Minnesota has many zoning regulations, but one that has perhaps outlived its stay is called planned unit development or PUD. PUDs are areas in a city that are saved for special projects that the city decides it wants to have. Cities can designate areas for PUDs, which helps projects like the soon-to-be Market Street redevelopment take place.