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You can find a copy of your deed if it's been lost

If you want to sell a home but have lost the deed, don't despair. There are a few steps you can take to find a copy of the deed so that you can begin preparations for the sale. Recorded deeds are part of the public record, which makes it possible for anyone to obtain a copy.

The first place you can look to find a copy of your home's deed is the office of the register. This is located inside your local courthouse. This office can usually find the deed by looking up your name, the legal description of the property or by the property's address. You may have to pay a small amount for a copy of the deed and slightly more if you want the deed to have a certification stamp.

Another place you may be able to find your deed is online. Some counties have uploaded deeds online, so people can access them without having to go to the courthouse. Sometimes, online copies are free, but they may also have a small fee attached.

A title company could retrieve your deed for you if you're not sure where to look, as could your attorney. Any real estate attorney has the knowledge necessary to locate your deed. Your attorney may also have a copy of your deed on hand if he or she was part of your home's closing when you purchased it. Ask, and you may be able to receive a copy directly from your attorney as you work through your sale. Our website has more on real estate law and what to do in various legal circumstance.

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