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Business and commercial law are areas of law that often overlap. If you're opening a business and intend to sell items commercially, then you may need help from an attorney who understands both business and commercial law, for example.

Business law itself focuses on things like setting up your business, merging with another business or leasing a warehouse space. Comparatively, commercial law focuses on leasing goods, selling goods and other commercial transactions.

There are a few terms you may want to know that are used in both types of law. For example, a negotiable instrument is a document like a check or note that states an amount that is promised to be paid. Mergers are when one company purchases another and absorbs it into its own entity.

You may also need to understand the Uniform Commercial Code. This is a uniform law used in all states that governs how you may sell goods. The UCC also governs transactions and related issues.

Every business is different, and there's always a potential for making errors that end up costing you financially. Whether it's signing a bad contract or making mistakes when calculating your business taxes, there are plenty of ways to make errors that are otherwise avoidable with the right legal advice.

Our website has more information about business law, commercial law and how they affect your life. With the right support, you can make sure your business is on the right side of the law. You can also be certain that the contracts you make are held up according to the law.

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