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Arbitration can help you stay out of court

Arbitration can help you if a real estate dispute can't be handled privately. Arbitration itself is when you and the other party, with the help of your attorneys, submit documents about each of your sides of the story relating to a real-estate dispute to an impartial third party. This is an alternative to the court system and means you won't have to go through a trial or have a judge presiding over your case (although a judge may be the arbitrator in some cases).

Arbitration is the second-to-last option you should try in the case of a dispute. There are other methods, like working with your attorneys to negotiate with one another or working through mediation sessions, which may help without being as costly or time-intensive. However, arbitration can be helpful if none of these other alternatives were helpful.

Who arbitrates the case?

The arbitrator is a third party that has no role in the dispute. This person has no desire for an outcome for one or the other parties, making him or her impartial and neutral. The arbitrator should have experience in real estate, building inspection, engineering or other related fields, so he or she understands what's at stake. The arbitrator only gets to meet you and the other party at a hearing or pre-hearing. You're not allowed to contact the arbitrator directly at any time, because that person needs to retain an impartial stance for the arbitration to be legal.

Your attorney can help you get all the right documents together for your dispute to go to an arbitrator. Our website has more information on real estate and what to do if you have a dispute.

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