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September 2016 Archives

Your options if a home fails an inspection

So you're about to buy your dream house, and you get some bad news. The inspection results aren't good. Technically speaking, a home inspection doesn't work on a pass/fail setup, but the inspection revealed serious issues that you know have to be addressed. What can you do?

Have a plan for making a plan

Starting and running a business is a complex activity. First, you have to have a good idea, a "better mousetrap" or a better way of doing what has already been done. If you want to run a brewpub, you need to know something about brewing beer, something about running a restaurant and something about financing the capital costs and something about marketing. In a crowded field, you either have to provide some exceptional product or a less stellar product that is produced with incredible efficiency.

Make sure your backup backs you up

Many in business are optimistic. They have an idea, however grand or modest, and they gather the capital and other like-minded individual and begin. If they are successful, their business can grow. That growth brings the chances of greater rewards and carries the risk of larger, more complex issues that could threaten the business.

Home ownership a good deal in Twin Cities area

Buying a home is a big decision for anyone. For most people, it will be the single largest purchase they make during their lives. If they obtain a 30-year mortgage for the purchase, it is also likely to be the longest term purchase. Residential real estate has had its ups and downs during the last 15 years, with significant appreciation followed by the massive collapse of the market during the Great Recession.