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August 2016 Archives

Coopers rolling out the barrels

A cooper is an occupation that most people may have thought would have disappeared with buggy whip makers and farriers. For the most part, they were correct. In Minneapolis, there used to be numerous cooperages, but over the years, the number declined to where there were only two remaining.

Are you really ready to sell your home?

The Twin Cities real estate market is hot again. But, as is often the case, the benefits of that market are not evenly distributed. Inventory is low, which is driving up prices and down time on the market. Two factors that seem to be most strongly driving the choices are location and amenities.

The hidden danger of efficiency

This week's computer problems at Delta Airlines caused significant delays and massive headaches for many of its customers schedule to travel on Monday. With an airline and scheduled flights, and disruption can bring a cascading series of exponential disruptions. A line of severe thunderstorms striking a major hub like Chicago or Atlanta can ripple through the system for hours, as planes fail to depart or arrive, and passengers cannot make connections.

Commercial real estate transactions can face local pushback

If you are a business owner or developer looking to purchase land, you likely will be considering several factors when making a decision. Are there tax benefits for certain areas? What is the property value like? How big of a space do you need? Is the site zoned for commercial purposes?