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June 2016 Archives

A doughnut with your coffee?

The coffee in the coffee cups is not the only thing that is hot in the Twin Cities coffee shop market. Canadian donut shop, Tim Hortons, announced that they will be expanding into the Minnesota market. It is expected that they will open their first stores in the Twin Cities area and have signed an agreement with Restaurant Development Partners Corp. (RDP) to operate the stores.

Howdy Partners!

So, you have decided to become partners. Congratulations. A partnership can make for a great business relationship and you may become or remain, life-long friends with your partners. Or it may be strictly a business relationship. No matter why you decide to become partners, it is essential that you perform the legal due diligence such a step demands.

Going to court or arbitration?

Arbitration agreements, like most contracts, require specific behavior to make them enforceable. If you contract to take deliveries on the first of the month, but don't receive them until two or three weeks pass, and you fail to object, you may be considered to have waived that delivery provision. If this course of conduct goes on for a year or two, you may have a very difficult time enforcing that deadline.