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May 2016 Archives

Is it too early to plan to dissolve your business?

One of the more difficult topics for anyone involved in a business to consider is the end of their business. Or, at least, the end of the founder or one of the principal's involvement in the business. When you are just getting started, the focus is all about getting the operation off the ground. You are so busy in most new businesses or start-ups, that the days fly by and you can barely keep track of tomorrow's activities, let alone worry about years or decades in the future.

Internet and E-commerce driving bricks-and-mortar development?

The United States has a consumer-dominated economy. Consumer spending makes up a significant portion of all spending. When consumer spending has been strong, it has led to strong growth and development of much commercial and industrial real estate in Minnesota and across the country.

Your relationship with an attorney

Many businesses seem to view an attorney in the same light as a firefighter; glad they are available, but they would rather not need them. If you can successfully run your business without availing yourself of the services of an attorney, that may be fortunate, but it may only be a testament to your good luck.

Hotels increasingly using historic properties for redevelopment

In cities like St. Paul and Minneapolis, you often drive or walk by buildings that have seen better times. But in the details of their design and construction, you will notice features that if you wanted in a modern building would cost a fortune. Iconic structures like the Landmark Center have design elements and finish that would be unlikely to be reproduced in a "modern" structure.