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April 2016 Archives

Controversy may be the result of Prince's death

The recent, premature death of Minnesota's Prince Roger Nelson has brought to light some of the notoriously secretive musician's property and financial dealings in the area and may provide a lesson on well his businesses were organized to cope with his departure.

How organized are your records?

Operating any business will generate documents. From purchase orders and invoices to planning documents and correspondence, your business will produce and accumulate a variety of documents, both on paper and electronically during the course of a year. The larger your business, the greater the number and scope of those records.

St. Paul downtown population to see significant growth by 2020

Real estate developers, like stock market traders, like to buy low and sell high. But in the years following the banking and mortgage crisis and the significant decline in real estate valuations that followed, many have grown cautious.  They hope to avoid the "irrational exuberance" that struck the market and left many participants with troubled investments.

Tax time: should you reorganize your business?

This time of year, taxes are often on the mind as people scramble to complete income tax filings. If you operate your own business as a sole-proprietorship, your businesses income is your income and you are only taxed once. For some business, this structure may be fine. It places few demands on the owner administratively, and if you have limited expenses and exposure, a sole-proprietorship may simply be the easiest form from which to operate.

Even the best laid (small area) plans can often go ignored, pt.2

We were last talking about a proposal to build a Walgreens Pharmacy on Hennepin Avenue in Uptown Minneapolis. Walgreens' existing store at W. 24th Street and Hennepin is the pharmacy chain's latest target for redevelopment in the city. Rather than updating its older stores, the company has been building new stores nearby -- the E. Lake Street store is just one example.