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March 2016 Archives

Even the best laid (small area) plans can often go ignored

A commercial real estate proposal in Minneapolis' Uptown neighborhood has sparked a heated discussion about the purpose of a small area plan. The controversy centers on the construction of a Walgreens Drugstore at West 27th Street and Hennepin Avenue South. The store will replace an existing restaurant and computer repair facility.

Transit-oriented development works in St. Paul

Real estate often seems to present a chicken-or-egg dilemma. As a developer of commercial real estate, you want to acquire property in advance of significant appreciation, as that allows you the greatest flexibility in your design and mix of future owner or tenants.

Do you want to go into business with your family?

Starting a new business can be scary and fraught with peril. It can also be exciting and invigorating. Choosing your business partners can be a complex and difficult process, and for many, having a family member as a partner on your team can be an easy decision and rewarding. However, it is not without its own risks.

A new way to lease commercial real estate

Technology can be remarkable. Real estate transactions only happen when there is a willing buyer and seller. For decades, the only way for that to happen was for a buyer to hire an agent to search for potential properties. Once some potential properties had been identified, the buyer would need to visit the property and if they found something they liked, they would set up meetings with the seller's agent to work out the deal.