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Traffic and noise can be a problem for many development projects

Real estate development is often complex. Whether a residential or commercial real estate development is planned, there are multiple layers of work that need to be done long before the first shovel of dirt is turned. Of course, you need a plan for the project with all of the architectural and engineering aspects laid out. And you need the funding to be secured and in place, and all of the various contractors or other teams identified and ready to go.

And because projects will often need governmental approval, depending on the scale and scope, you will need a legal team to do the research and shepherd the project through the sometimes multi-level approval process of zoning and planning boards, commissions and other layers of city and county government, including environmental impact elements.

There is an additional component to many commercial real estate development projects, and that is other people. Unless you are developing property in extremely remote and unpopulated areas (and even then, you may find very vocal opposition), your project is likely to affect those individuals in varied ways.

There can be issues with additional traffic and noise as is being raised with the Vikings' development of a new headquarters in Eagan. Traffic, noise and impact on city utilities are often a concern with large apartment or mixed-use developments. Such projects may also involve questions of air rights, interference with a view, shadowing, and shading of adjacent property.

Any one of these issues can develop into a significant problem. Planning for potential reactions from neighbors and having a response prepared in an organize fashion can help reassure them and prevent these types of issues from delaying or derailing a project.

Source:, "Vikings' proposal for Eagan raises noise, traffic concerns in Mendota Heights," Beatrice Dupuy, February 24, 2016

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