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Minnesota: a good place for business and beer

Minnesota does well a defying the odds. What are the chances that a state in the cold Midwest could prove to be the best state for job creation? Or found to have the best business climate in the nation? Maybe back in the 1970s, when the governor made the cover of Time Magazine, as typifying "The Good Life." But today, it does not seem very likely, given the migration of jobs and people to the south for warmer temperatures and lower taxes.

Actually, Minnesota has received both of those accolades within the last six months. In spite of adhering to seemingly old-fashioned notions of spending on infrastructure and schools, the state was deemed the best state for business last summer by CNBC and this week, Gallup announced that it was the top-ranked state for job creation.

One type of business that is definitely growing in Minnesota is craft brewing. The growth of craft and micro-brews is phenomenal. According to one story, 10 years ago there were five breweries in the state. By the end of last year, there were 114. We hope they all spoke with an attorney before setting up their business.

This almost marks a return the pre-probation era, when the state's German immigrants brought with them their taste for beer. In that period, breweries were inherently more local, as the weight of beer and the poor condition of most roads would have made it impossible to distribute product on a widespread basis.

As a means of better promoting Minnesota's craft beers, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will feature a new bar with beers chosen by the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild, called the Stone Arch Craft Lab.

The bar will also feature food to eat in a dining room and sandwiches to go. And it will have a "Craft lab" with five additional beers and beer experts to "educate interested travelers."

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