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February 2016 Archives

Traffic and noise can be a problem for many development projects

Real estate development is often complex. Whether a residential or commercial real estate development is planned, there are multiple layers of work that need to be done long before the first shovel of dirt is turned. Of course, you need a plan for the project with all of the architectural and engineering aspects laid out. And you need the funding to be secured and in place, and all of the various contractors or other teams identified and ready to go.

Do you need a confidentially agreement?

For most businesses, it is essential for the employees and employer to have a relationship of trust. Employees should recognize that when the business does well, they will do well and they all have an interest in the success of the business.

Minnesota: a good place for business and beer

Minnesota does well a defying the odds. What are the chances that a state in the cold Midwest could prove to be the best state for job creation? Or found to have the best business climate in the nation? Maybe back in the 1970s, when the governor made the cover of Time Magazine, as typifying "The Good Life." But today, it does not seem very likely, given the migration of jobs and people to the south for warmer temperatures and lower taxes.