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Nicollet Hotel Block project receives additional scrutiny

High profile commercial real estate development can bring the potential for significant profits and for being one of your firm's signature developments. Such projects, often because of their size, complexity or visibility carry their own demand and may require additional assistance from you legal team and other professionals.

These projects may be highly visible to the community and may be subject to additional  examination or merely more public scrutiny than most projects receive. If the project requires the approval of a city body, like a city council, the entire project may need to be handled with extra care.

If it needs approval or variances from planning or zoning entities, you want to be certain you are ready to meet their concerns and have everything you need in place to obtain their approval and avoid unnecessary delays caused by questions or problems that come up during public meetings.

The large hotel, apartment, and office complex proposed for the Nicollet Hotel Block has provoked comments from members of the Minneapolis City Council after the developer made changes to the initial proposal.

Changes in the height, the number of rooms and the makeup of those rooms has been altered, as the developer has had to deal with changes in their partners. The time pressure on these projects can be intense and when members of the development team change, it can increase that intensity, as that can drive other changes.

Additionally, when a body such as a city council or zoning commission have had more time to study a proposal, they may have further questions. They may bring up issues that could require more funding resources or call for studies on traffic impact, utility usage, physical entrances or connections like skyways or require other site remediation.

When working on this type of project having a qualified and flexible team is the best way in which to deal with the likelihood of the changes that inevitably occur.

Source:, "Minneapolis council members question changes to United Properties tower on Nicollet Mall," Kristen Leigh Painter and Eric Roper, January 6, 2016

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