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January 2016 Archives

Your business and divorce

Starting a business is exciting and demanding. You may pour your heart and soul into the business and most if not all of your time. Many times, you may not be concerned about potential issues that may seem far off if not far-fetched. Your focus has to be on the operations of your business to ensure that there will be a future.

What form should your business adopt?

One of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner is the legal form your business adopts. The form of your organization can range from simple, beginning with a sole proprietorship, where you are the sole owner and which does not need to be incorporated, on up to a corporation, partnership or limited liability company, which may have a very complex, multi-level structure.

Nicollet Hotel Block project receives additional scrutiny

High profile commercial real estate development can bring the potential for significant profits and for being one of your firm's signature developments. Such projects, often because of their size, complexity or visibility carry their own demand and may require additional assistance from you legal team and other professionals.