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Putting together the long-term care puzzle

When St. Paul residents face difficult issues in their life, there may be multiple ways to deal with the issue. The individual first needs to know what these options are, however, before being able to decide which option is best to solve the problem. Often times, the options are also influenced by other factors in the person's life, as there may be different ways of dealing with the issue at different times.

For instance, last week, this blog discussed how it is never too late to start the process of planning for long-term care. While it helps to have a head start, individuals should understand that they may have options to deal with the increasingly escalating costs of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, no matter what time in the person's life they address the issue.

This is not to say long-term care planning will be the same for everyone at each stage of life. Individuals inevitably have different assets at stake and different wishes about their long-term care preferences. Accordingly, these issues must be factored into the decision along with the person's stage in life and his or her needs. Understandably, this can result in a rather complex framework with all of these different factors playing into the long-term care decision.

Our firm has significant experience in helping our clients understand their options for long-term care planning. We can evaluate the different factors in the person's life and their wants and needs. Ultimately, we can assist in formulating a strategy for effective long-term care planning. For more information on our firm's planning capabilities, please visit our webpage on long-term care planning.

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