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April 2015 Archives

No two families are alike when it comes to estate plans

St. Paul families come in all shapes and sizes. Some families may consist of a husband and wife, others may have one or many children and others may have neither of these relationships. Other individuals may find themselves in closer relationships with friends, regardless of whether they have surviving family members or not.

What is a surviving spouse entitled to under Minnesota law?

Many St. Paul couples depend on one another in many different ways. Whether it is emotional support, financial support or otherwise, couples often build their lives around one another over the years.

How does estate planning differ for unmarried couples?

St. Paul families come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether by birth, marriage or otherwise, individuals have many different kinds relationships with one another, for many different reasons. While each of these different relationships holds value, the estate planning considerations can vary significantly depending on what relationship is involved.

How can a person communicate her health care wishes?

Communication is one of the most important tools Minnesota residents use to get things done. It is also a central principle of estate planning, as individuals have many wishes that they wish to convey to others, and they have a number of options at their disposal for communicating those wishes.

When it comes to estate planning, one size does not fit all

Minnesota residents are used to making decisions, with some being more difficult than others. Some of these decisions have the potential to impact individuals and their families in drastic ways, depending on whether one choice or another is made.