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March 2015 Archives

Does a trust or will control the distribution of property?

As discussed previously in this blog, there are many different tools Minnesota residents can use in estate planning. However, each of these tools has a different purpose, and the use of one over the other can make a big difference on how a person's assets are handled.

When can a trustee file a petition with a court?

Many Minnesota residents value their independence and ability to get tasks done on their own. Indeed, it can be a great source of self-pride when an individual accomplishes something without the help of others. At the same time, it is necessary on occasion to obtain help from others. This is particularly true when it comes to matters involving the legal system, as Minnesota law is complex and, in some cases, requires certain procedures to be followed that require the help of others.

Minnesota residents: have you thought of long term care planning?

No Minnesota resident knows exactly what the future might hold for them and their loved ones. While there can be many exciting opportunities yet to come, there can also be challenges and risks that may present themselves over time. Accordingly, it is essential for individuals to be prepared for these risks and plan as best they can.