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February 2015 Archives

Navigating through the court system when elder care is needed

Minnesota courts often have a great deal of discretion and power when it comes to making important decisions that impact the lives of St. Paul residents. At the same time, the factors that courts consider in making decisions are usually known by the parties in the case, and the parties have the ability to present evidence and make their arguments to the court as to why the judge should rule one way or another.

How does a court decide who will serve as a guardian?

When it comes to estate planning, St. Paul residents have a lot of control in setting forth their wishes. However, it's also important to understand Minnesota's statutes when it comes to different areas, in order to know how courts will approach a particular issue.

What powers and duties does a guardian have in Minnesota?

There are certain topics that can be uncomfortable to approach for St. Paul residents. Long term care planning often deals with several of these issues, including death and incapacity, which may not be too pleasant to think about, but which are vital to consider in order for a person's wishes to be respected and protected in the future.

Appoint a power of attorney sooner rather than later

There are few people who are closer to St. Paul residents than members of their immediate family. Families support each other through thick and thin, and know more about one another than any other person.