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December 2014 Archives

Who is responsible for paying a deceased person's taxes?

With the end of the year approaching, many St. Paul residents are taking care of a number of matters that must be closed by December 31st, particularly those in the business world. One of these matters may be taking care of tax issues, which will be consuming a great deal of time for many individuals in the weeks and months to come.

St. Paul residents: act now to protect your assets in the future

Many St. Paul residents work very hard for their entire life to provide for their families. It can take decades of work to build a person's wealth and achieve a certain standard of living. Unfortunately, without proper planning, the assets a person has accumulated over these decades can disappear quickly when individuals do not cover the rising costs of long-term care.

Taking care of estate planning before year's end

It may seem hard to believe, but another year is coming to a close. Minnesota residents are undoubtedly busy with year-end events, including holiday events and getting tasks accomplished at work by the end of the month. There is one more item that should be put on individuals' to-do lists, however: creating or updating one's estate plan.

What powers does a trustee have under Minnesota law?

There are often only a few people whom Minnesota residents trust to handle their most sensitive and private matters. This is particularly true when a certain expertise is required to take care of property or other issues, as the person in charge must be qualified and up to the task.