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October 2014 Archives

Finding the right estate planning solution

There is not always one single way of handling most complicated issues in life. This is certainly true with estate planning, as different strategies may need to be employed between different Minnesota residents.

Who gets a person's assets if they do not have a will?

Minnesota residents, by and large, like to be in charge of making their own personal and financial decisions. For instance, in dealing with family members on private or sensitive matters, individuals like to have a say in the decision making process.

Who handles the debts and assets of a person's estate?

Many Minnesota residents often prefer to handle sensitive matters by themselves when possible, such as making decisions regarding their finances. When it is necessary to rely on another person to perform these tasks, individuals do not trust just anyone to do the job right. Rather, individuals often turn to those they trust and confide in to handle the sensitive issues on their behalf.

Minnesota residents: do not forget the lake cabin after summer

Another summer has come to an end for St. Paul residents. For many, this means the lake cabin has now been closed up for the year, after another fun-filled season that seems to always go by too quickly.

Minnesota residents: beware of the estate tax on your assets

There is nothing certain in life but death and taxes, as the saying goes. For some Minnesota residents, this saying may be particularly true if an estate tax or inheritance tax is imposed upon a person's death.