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August 2014 Archives

Considering the options for long-term care

Minnesota residents differ in their ability to tolerate risk. However, even those who might consider themselves able to tolerate risk would probably agree they do not consider it wise to gamble with their personal life. Yet, whether they realize it or not, this is precisely what many individuals are doing when it comes to long term care planning.

Avoiding disputes between children after death

Any St. Paul resident who grew up with siblings or has multiple children understands that fights are a natural occurrence between family members from time to time. While most fights can be resolved in a reasonable manner, more serious disputes can linger between family members if the issues are not properly addressed.

Caring for special needs children through trust planning

The thought of a parent leaving a child behind after death may be an unpleasant one for many St. Paul residents. This can be especially true for parents who have minor children or children with disabilities, as those children often depend heavily on the parents to provide for daily necessities.

Understanding the probate process for Minnesota property owners

When a loved one dies, it can be difficult for surviving family and friends to deal with the aftermath of the situation. Minnesota residents understandably deal with much grief in the days, months and years after a loved one's death, but they also must take care of certain tasks in order to transfer the real and personal property belonging to the deceased individual.