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July 2014 Archives

Protecting yourself through a living will

St. Paul residents who have had to make serious health care decisions for family members understand how stressful it can be to arrive at a treatment decision. The stress levels can raise significantly when there is a dispute among family members as to the proper medical treatment that should be pursued.

Protecting children through estate planning

There is nothing more important in the lives of many St. Paul residents than their children. This is particularly true for parents who spend the majority of their days caring for younger children, as the process of watching the children grow is an experience like none other.

Lou Reed's estate shows benefits of revocable trusts

It is a sad day when a loved one dies, including when celebrities die who Minnesota residents have followed and connected with over the years. Yet, these incidents can be teachable moments for others in terms of what to do and what not to do in estate planning.

Choosing the right trustee to manage your trust

A key ingredient of most successful businesses is proper management. Likewise, when it comes to running a family's personal finances, it can help to have a person who can properly manage the finances and who understands the different factors involved in making good decisions.

Make the time for estate planning

With work, family events and daily activities, many St. Paul residents have difficulty finding much free time to think about the future. Certainly, individuals may plan out their activities days or weeks in advance, but it may be tough to plan things out years in advance, as is often required with estate planning.