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June 2014 Archives

Planning an estate along with a wedding

One of the most exciting times in a St. Paul resident's life is the stage of being a newlywed. Nothing can replicate the joy and excitement that comes from being with a newfound love. Despite this joy and excitement, however, individuals who are approaching marriage should ensure they have their affairs in order and a plan in place for their new relationship.

Two minds may not be better than one for health care decisions

When it comes to making important decisions, the general wisdom is that two minds are better than one in reaching an effective decision. This is not always the case for St. Paul residents, however, particularly when it comes to important health care decisions.

Setting up trusts for loved ones' educational needs

Many St. Paul youth are thrilled to be out of school for the summer season. While their minds may now focus on other activities, parents, grandparents and others may still be focused on their loved ones' school needs, particularly from the financial side of things.

Dispute over power of attorney for famed D.J. is ongoing

St. Paul residents are reluctant to think about having to make difficult health care decisions for an ill relative, but there are instances when it is necessary to do so. Whenever a loved one is undergoing medical treatment or has been diagnosed with a disease, the issue is likely to come up as to what will happen if the ill person becomes incapacitated. Frequently, a power of attorney is utilized to make the process easier.