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May 2014 Archives

Understanding the benefits of an irrevocable trust

People in St. Paul who are concerned about the future of their loved ones after they themselves are gone can take steps to protect their loved ones. When considering how they should move forward with estate planning, certain issues such as life insurance and asset protection come to the forefront. There are many positives aspects to the various forms of financial protections that can be implemented, and it may be beneficial to become more familiar with them.

Planning on Medicare or family for long-term care? Think again

It can be uncomfortable for St. Paul residents to confront unpleasant thoughts about what might happen in their future. This is often a driving reason for why individuals may not engage in estate planning, as the thought of passing on and not being alive is one that many would like to avoid if possible.

Making an informed decision, understanding estate planning law

When St. Paul residents are about to make an important decision for themselves or their family, they need to know enough information about the matter to make an informed decision. On occasion, individuals may not know enough about a situation to even understand what they do not know.

Finding the estate plan tailored to your individual needs

Life can be very different for St. Paul residents depending on their family make-up. Individuals who are married and have children typically occupy their time and lifestyle differently from those who are single or who do not have children.